• Hailey Davis

Ryan + Carmen intimate in home session

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Got to jump around on these guys bed with them and run through their back yard like crazy people and had the sweetest in home shoot!

My sis and brother-in-law are seriously the cutest. We did this session for their one year wedding anniversary and I'm honestly in shock that a year flew by so fast! I remember their day so well, everyone getting ready in the same house, the ladies having to hide Ryan from Carmen. Carmen even had to do Ryan's hair that day! Though at that time it was about two feet longer lol. I actually got to do Carmen's hair that day and I am in no way shape or form qualified to do that, but I must say it turned out pretty dang good lol.

Their love has continued to grow with each passing day and I am so dang proud them both.

So what better way to bring in another year of marriage than with a new haircut, Dominos pizza, Duplin wine, puppy snuggles, and pillow fights!

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