• Hailey Davis

Wedding at The Barn

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Brittany came to me about 7 months ago asking if I wanted to shoot her wedding because she loved my work thus far. I was terrified, to the point of almost turning it down. I mean this isn't some small session, this is someones wedding day, moments that you can't repeat, I mean what if I miss something? what is my gear goes on the fritz? So many what if's, but I sucked it up, held my chest high and had faith in my ability to do what I love!

Boy am I glad I did because I was blown away at the fun we had with it all and we captured some pretty amazing memories if I do say so myself.

So thank you Brittany and Justin for trusting me and having faith that I could do this for you and your family!

Here are some of my favorites of their big day!

And a huge thanks to my amazing friend Emily from Go and Flow photos for helping me out with this wedding, she was definitely a life saver!